How to make reservation?

Reservations are taken at hotel reception by telephone, fax, e-mail,
post or in person.

All reservations must contain the following information:

  • Guest name and surname,
  • Arrival and departure dates,
  • Number of nights,
  • Number of persons,
  • Room specification (single, double, rollaway bed if needed),
  • Request for parking in front of the hotel or in the garage,
  • Guest’s direct telephone contact,
  • Additional reservation details included in the reservation form.

Reservation form

In the case, your email can not be sent, please check if the Java Script is on on your computer. Thank you.

Room reservation process:

After sending a contact e-mail specifying your reservation requirements, hotel reception will contact you and confirm your accommodation options for the given period. At the same time, you will be sent a reservation form to fill in and send back to reception. The reservation form is as well a binding order for accommodation at our facility. After we receive the filled in form, you will be issued a document confirming your reservation. Your reservation is finalised upon the issuance of this confirmation.

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